Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Industry.. to the Promise Land... to the Industry

Fighting thru these words my lips are stained pursed and bruised.
My Body is entangled in this web, while my feet are trying to move.
I'm Lost without a map,
and the 1 person I find has answers to the way back.
To where I'm not trying to go.
Forward is the only direction my foot can race in.
And stop asking me about past,
he left with yesterday.
And see I don't hold on to denial and those that don't LOVE me....
I am not trying to make a life with failures,
where hell wins,
and prison begins to surround my room;
with vibrant colors and pictures that act like they don't belong here...
I refuse to hold on to a vision of UH HUH, KINDA, I think, and what I thought I new.
Looking for myself while I'm shopping in the wrong isle.
Next to the condoms, by the liquor, underneath the stack of Cosmo Magazines.
Maybe I'm just concentrating to hard,
and breathing to fast trying to race myself out of hear.
But hear is not where I belong,
The wilderness in not my home of choice.
Though my shoes will not tarry,
they stay laced up for the race up.
I'm running at high speed.
Yet, I do not care who is in front... Get THEE Behind ME...
I'm tired of letting you feel selfish.
You feel like I can't be number one because my past isn't a perfect vision,
of the life you choose to live in.
From the car you drive, the way you talk, down to the breath you take.
I'm not trying to be what you call an idol,
or your model of the role I did not ask to play.
Let me just inspire with inspiration,
of someone who failed, got up


Rosheeda said...

Love It!

Delhi Escorts said...

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