Sunday, June 6, 2010


I got on My knees and gave my life to Christ the day I met you!
I got up and started walking the day you left me.
Faith is an Action word.... Walk by Faith
All Of Gods people Got out of slavery. Yet only a few walked in the
Promise Land
Freedom. Today I saw Youth at the heights of freedom. Youth that you would look at and see nothing that aluminates walking with Christ, except there Freedom.....
I felt Free... See I crave To be free. And no not One Nation Under God type of freedom.... But Free to Be me... The problem with the freedom I am searching for is Only God knows who I am, Truely. Now he has shown me glimpses lately of who he has called me to be, But I will be honest I dont know her from tommarow. But I feel her in the depths of my soul. She runs around free... Praising God at the highest PRAISE. She does not care who is around....
Oh how I want to be free.
I almost felt it today. With the youth. There Freedom brushed off into my soul. My soul was so thirsty for it. It drank it all in one gulp. I thought it would last. Yet hours later, nope.... It is gone.
Shake, Shake, my hands free. Where oh where did these chains come from that hold me hostage to myself. See Lets get one thing straight. I am past what you think of me. I promise I don't beleive you or the lies you tell. I know who God says I am... But that's it. I know who God says I am, but I dont know her...
Oh chains fall from my rist. You clamp so tight my wrist bleed. I want to go.. Let me go. Let me run. Let me jump. Let me sing to the heavens... I want my testimony. I want to praise with freedom.
See I saw it in my youth today. The older generation were looking like they were making a rukus. Not me. I saw them as free..... Lord, I pray that you never let the World strap chains on there Freedom.
Huh now what about me. Well I will fight this battle. By faith, One day, I two will be Free!!


Kendra Cochran said...

I love this piece. As I grow closer to God I find myself yearning for that same freedom. Your words in this poem ARE your testimony! "snaps fingers" Great job!

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